What Can You Do with mSpy?

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mSpy provides advanced surveillance technology that empowers you to:

Be a Better Businessperson - Monitor Employee Mobile Devices

As an employer, you need to be assured that your employees are using company provided mobile technology in an appropriate and professional manner. Are your employees sending personal text messages and making lengthy, long-distance calls at your expense? Or do you suspect even worse, that they may be disclosing company confidential information to unauthorized parties? mSpy gives you the tools you need to find out, even if your employees try to cover their tracks. Data is uploaded to the mSpy server as soon as activity takes place, so you have access to it long after the phone's internal logs have been wiped clean. mSpy can even help you keep track of company owned vehicles, with built-in GPS tracking technology to tell you where your mobile devices are going and when. Access all this information and more from your web-based Control Panel, available 24/7 online and in real time from any device with a web browser.

Be a Better Parent – Protect Your Children

also opens up a whole new world of danger. Fortunately, you can now take the power back into your own hands and do your duty as a responsible and caring parent. GPS tracking with mSpy lets you know at all times exactly where your children are, and with online access to their travel history, you can find out where they have been and how long they were there. Learn who they are calling and see what they are texting. The combination of GPS tracking and phone activity logs will let you determine if your children are engaging in risky behaviors such as calling or texting while driving. When your children know that their cell phone activity is entirely transparent and monitored, they will no longer be able to hide behind the technology.

Be Smarter with Mobile Data Backup

Track your own data usage and activity with completely automatic, fail-safe backups. Need to remember where you went, what you wrote in that text message, or when you talked to someone? Your digital data and real-world locations are automatically uploaded and stored to your mSpy account for anytime access with the online Control Panel. Maintain evidence to provide proof in the event of disputes and track your lost or stolen phone. Now your most valuable data assets are securely stored and regularly backed up to provide you peace of mind. If your phone is damaged or lost, you can still access all your information, call logs and other data from your online mSpy backup.